Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County

1920 Old Tustin Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Mission Statement: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County is dedicated to assisting consumers achieve financial stability through education and counseling. On education: Our public educational system has overlooked the need for financial literacy education in the school system, but CCCS-OC offers FREE workshops (or fee for materials) to youth, adults and elderly throughout Orange County. On the average we educate from 10 to 20,000 individuals every year. In SPANISH and VIETNAMESE. Our educational programs (34 topics and workshops) are primarily supported by the revenues achieved through the Debt Management Plan that 15% of our clients use. CCCS-OC has a staff of certified educators plus volunteers that conduct workshops at our headquarters as well as corporate offices and community centers. On financial coaching and counseling: CCCS-OC has a staff of fully certified counselors that are knowledgeable about most aspects of lending, credit, mortgages and other facto
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